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Paths to inclusions - because accessibility matters!

We understand the importance of accessible activities for young people with special needs. Find out how we are working to remove barriers and create opportunities for these young people with our project "Paths to Inclusion"!

Practical info on the project


Why choosing for us and not somebody else?


Experiential-Learning.EU is not just a travel agency. We offer adventure trips with an extra twist. We do this by :

1. meeting others through our internationally composed groups. It means intercultural learning in the purest form by creating social exchange within our groups: sharing ideas, and thoughts, laughing, having fun together, having informal talks, and helping and supporting each other when we’re hiking - biking - traveling, …. It’s much more than just joining a group for travel through a country. You become friends! You'll see!

2. getting in contact with the locals with respect for the community in which we’re welcome with our group. We do this by working together with local guides of national nature parks, using small embedded organizations that offer their knowledge of the environment (local mountaineers, farmers that offer their horses for trekking or land for camping, …). We validate this by paying a fair price for the services we use.

3. meeting and getting in contact with ourselves when we’re hiking and undergoing the force of nature. We’re not stopping for a little bit of rain or cold. We’re not stopping when the sun burns too hard or when we’re too tired after 1h walk. We use nature and its impact of it on ourselves to find our new inner voice! We listen to nature and the group!

4. working in small groups (up to 16 people) so that we can guide/facilitate everybody of you individually, and in the meantime create chances for you and the others to meet on a personal level and become a new group of friends forever! You will never forget these experiences!

5. Our projects and travels aim to be accessible for all individuals, including those with special needs.

Your personality, your presence, and you as a person are for us the core of our existence. We take everybody who joins us, as seriously as possible!

Be ready to be surprised - we’re looking forward to welcoming you on our journeys.